Midlands Meander


In the foothills of the mountains, is an 80km meandering route, stretching back to Pietermaritzburg. This is the Midlands Meander, a picturesque self-drive trail which takes in more than 160 places to shop, eat and enjoy life. The Meander was started many years ago by local artists and craftspeople who gathered together to open their studios and galleries to the public. It has since grown into an eclectic collection of studios, craft shops, country hotels, restaurants and farm stalls, selling everything from the finest pottery, art and leather goods to home made cheeses and preserves. If you are sick of mass produced goods dispensed out of concrete malls, then this is the place for you. Even non-shoppers will enjoy the delightful scenery and history of the Midlands, not to mention the delicious food!


31 July 2006 23:56:49